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Bad children

ธันวาคม 21, 2012

Mrs. Geneva Kaenchan be happy despite his age of 72 years, which was ported to. Col. Phichet duty Police Officer Holds Beauty. Sikhoraphum that Mrs. Sparks was a happy celebration of their daughter in the gut. Assault was beaten unconscious and often angry.

He told reporters that the designs. Their family with five brothers, all of whom were well separated from each brother’s family out. The mother is with her sparkling. The property is divided among all the children’s mother. And she has the most sparkle. She flashed a mother. The mother and older with a diagnosis pacimsan not help themselves. During the release of her vibrant look. I have been attacked on a regular basis. Recently I have been beaten to a swelling of the arms, hands and head, and some days even to the unconscious and revived it. And I can not take her to the doctor and get a medical certificate from a coma police to prosecute to the fullest.

Recently I found my son and daughter after being attacked. Sikhoraphum carried to the hospital. The rest is up to 7 days as a stay of the proceedings and carried her to report to the police for verification. Prosecuted to the fullest. I would die if left out even though my foot.

At the same time Report to the police in order to inspire her allegations. According to Mr. Somjit, a mother reported her son had taken the action. Among the officers who were interviewed in it. To the cheeks with tears. The equation portraying the wife and welled up with tears as well.


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